We make theatre to break down old stories that are no longer fit for purpose, making space for new stories to break through.

As Báyò Akómoláfé puts it… “all stories are risks” – they can support us, guide us, strengthen us… and they can trap us, blind us, limit us.

We hope that the theatre we make and the conversations we open up will contribute to composting the old and dying stories that are taking life to the brink, and support co-creation of conditions for new stories, so that all of us can thrive.

Our teacher is the humble beetle, essential to the health of ecosystems – literally composting shit and debris to make healthy conditions for new life.

(Images by James Wainscoat, Kai Wenzel and Weronika Romanowska on Unsplash.)


Our solo theatre show Transparency is a story about growing up northern, working class and trans. We wanted to break down the stories of ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ trans views to reveal the real and complex web of human experiences and relationships underneath.

Following our 2023 tour of small theatres across the UK, we have now made Transparency available to view online. Find out more at transparencysolo.info.

What next?

We are currently researching and writing a new theatre show – more about that coming later in the year 😉


Breakdown Theatre Company was formed in 2023 by Jaden Adams and Viv Slack. We are based in the north of England, currently living in Halifax.

We are also supported by amazing collaborators and friends, including actress and coach Olwen May, writer Mary Cooper and director Francesca Murray-Fuentes.

Jaden Adams (he/him) – Actor & Writer

Jaden is a trans-male actor who grew up on a council estate in Oldham and now lives in Halifax.

Transparency is Jaden’s return to performing since transition. He plays 5 radically different characters based, including 3 male and 2 female characters.

Jaden also developed the story, characters, script and staging for Transparency, with support from our team.

Viv Slack (she/her) – Producer & Facilitator

Viv is an experienced facilitator, working with communities, groups, institutions and people with different views.

She brings skills from this work to facilitate post performance discussions and workshops, including in workplaces, colleges, schools and with community and grassroots groups.

Viv also supports the development of our productions including as our producer, dramaturg and tour manager.

Legislative Theatre

Viv and Jaden are also both trained to develop and facilitate legislative theatre – supporting communities and grassroots groups to challenge and change systems of oppression. We are exploring possibilities for using LT with local young people and marginalised groups.


We would love to hear from you with any questions, ideas or feedback – you can email us at hello@breakdowntheatre.com.

If you want to talk to us specifically about our solo show Transparency – you can find more details and our social media channels at transparencysolo.info.